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This web page is the “umbrella” and “landing page” for 3 web pages all focusing on different aspect of Laubjerg Winches: elspil. dkelvinsch.se – industrial winch. eu
Laubjerg Vinsch is a Scandinavian company founded in 2006. Since then Laubjerg Vinch has developed to a major winch supplier.
In 2016 Winch Supply Ltd. was founded and registerated in Bulgaria to be nearer the markets in South Europe. Winch Supply Ltd. is an individual company connected to Laubjerg Vinsch AB. Because of this, we are presenting our products on 3 different web pages all integrated on this web page: Professional Winch.
On the pages below we are presenting our products on elspil.dk, elvinsch. se and industrialwinch.eu and no matter which page you choose to visit, you have the same options for choosing your winch or presenting your product idea.
Please visit the page according to your language and request and find your favorite product.
If you don´t find what you are looking for or need assistance please contact us.


Velkommen til os med focus på træk og løft
Produktbeskrivelser på dansk


Välkommen till drag- och lyft!
Produktbeskrivelser på svensk


We are committed to and focusing on green future evolution.

380V pulling-hoisting

Elspil.dk tilbyder elektriske og hydrauliske træk- og løftespil, samt øvrige professionelle løsninger til træk og løft for industrielle- og private kunder.

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Industriella-, elektriska- och hydrauliska vinschar, drag- och lyftutrustning.
Bästa produkter – Bästa priser – Bästa service.

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Customer-designed winches for green applications (wind-wave-solar-building construction) presently are the most important areas of customer interest.

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